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Super Seven on Feb. 2

by on Feb.03, 2014, under Uncategorized

Here we go with not much change …. many schools didn’t play, most others just 1 game …. thanks to Mom Nature.
1. Washington (12-0)
2. Saint James (15-3)
3. St. Maria Goretti (17-13)
4. Waynesboro (15-5)
5. Williamsport (13-2)
6. Martinsburg (9-3)
7. Hedgesville (10-2)
Also considered: Musselman (10-2), South Hagerstown (10-6), Southern Fulton (15-2), Jefferson (8-5).
1. South Hagerstown (13-0)
2. Greencastle (19-0)
3. Martinsburg (11-3)
4. Southern Fulton (16-2)
5. Boonsboro (12-3)
6. Williamsport (11-5)
7. Jefferson (8-6)
Also considered: St. Maria Goretti (15-5), James Buchanan (12-10).

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Super Seven update

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Here are the latest and greatest boys and girls Super Seven on Jan. 20
1. Washington (9-0) tough one vs. Tuscarora (Md.) Monday night
2. Saint James (12-3)
3. St. Maria Goretti (17-7)
4. Waynesboro (12-3)
5. Hegesville (9-2)
6. Williamsport (9-2)
7. Musselman (8-0)

1. South Hagerstown (9-0)
2. Greencastle (13-0)
3. Southern Fulton (10-1)
4. Martinsburg (8-3)
5. Boonsboro (10-2)
6. Williamsport (8-4)
7. St. Maria Goretti (12-4)

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BCS title night

by on Jan.07, 2013, under College Football, College Sports, Uncategorized

For some of us, myself included, tonight (Jan. 7) will be one of the most important dates of 2013.
Of course, I am talking about the BCS national championship game between my beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and the other team — Alabama.
Here is my prediction: Notre Dame 17, Alabama 13
And here are some predictons of others I checked with:
Mark Keller: Alabama 17-13 (right score, wrong team)
Andy Mason: Notre Dame 27-24
Bob Parasiliti: Alabama 24-13
Dan Kauffman : Notre Dame 21-17 (this may cause concern)
C J Lovelace: Alabama 24-20
Scott Nicewarner: Alabama 21-14
Wayne Webster: Alabama 24-7
Ryan Myers: Notre Dame 31-21
Sue Koelble: Notre Dame 24-21 (she was not forced)

Enjoy the Notre Dame victory

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Always the greatest of the Browns

by on Sep.23, 2012, under Football, Uncategorized

I was so glad to hear this recently. Here’s a link on the great Jim here

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Some bald dude’s All-21st Century Washington County Softball teams

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Prep Softball, Prep Sports, Uncategorized

(Edit: As pointed out in the comments section, this is basically a look at the top single-season performances in Washington County prep softball since 2000. If I have time later this summer, I will go back and compile another list (a “version 2.0″ if you will) that looks at each player’s overall career to the best of my ability (which is to say, using the information I have). Stay tuned.)

Now that the 2010-11 high school sports year is in the books, I find myself — like the rest of The Herald-Mail sports staff — with a little extra free time on my hands, at least until various District 1 Little League tournaments kick off beginning Friday with the start of the 9-10 tournament.

To help fill the time, I decided to take a look back at one of my high school beats — softball. Having just completed the 2011 All-Washington County teams, I was more than a little curious to see how today’s stars compare to those of yesteryear — or at least, those who have graduated since 2000.

I took over the softball beat in 2003, which is the first year I had a reasonable set of statistics at my fingertips (and even those were incomplete … it seems I’ve gotten better at keeping more detailed records over the years). I made use of The Herald-Mail’s microfilm archives to get information for 2000 through 2002. I wish I could say I found complete statistics for every All-County First Team honoree in the last 12 seasons, but the truth is I didn’t, and someone may very well have slipped through the cracks.

Please keep that in mind as I unveil my (completely unofficial, mostly for entertainment purposes as well as a trip down Memory Lane) All-21st-Century All-County Softball teams.

(continue reading…)

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Call it ‘The Nightmare’

by on May.25, 2011, under Prep Baseball, Prep Sports, Uncategorized

There was a great Class A state semifinal game going on at McCurdy Field in Frederick on Tuesday night for six innings between Williamsport and defending champion St. Michaels.
Williamsport had led 2-1 through five innings before St. Michaels tied it at 2-all in the top of the sixth.
The Wildcats’ Brendon Colliflower and the Saints’ Kyle McKelvey were locked in a tie and it appeared Williamsport might take a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the sixth when Zach Lucas sent a long bomb to right-centerfield.
But it was flagged down by Casey Joseph, a long shot that would have been a homer in any other park.
Maybe that was the out that deflated the Wildcats.
The top of the seventh inning suddenly became an absolute nightmare for the Wildcats. (continue reading…)

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Recapping Baltimore’s Draft

by on May.02, 2011, under Uncategorized

Is it too soon to make an Osama Bin Laden joke? Ah, screw it. No one liked that guy anyway.

I checked out the blog this morning before class and it’s been more lifeless than the leader of Al-Queda. If we let it go any longer without postings, it might grow a disgusting beard and hide out in the mountains for a decade.

But aside from the biggest news story of the year, this past weekend hosted the three-day spectacle we all know as the NFL draft. I love the NFL draft for several reasons: 1) it is in primetime 2) it is live 3) everyone boos Roger Goodell 4) I know who some of the players are in the seventh round and 5) it allows me to watch 15 hours of football-related material in the spring. Though, I do not like how ESPN shows the draft pick on the phone with the team before Goodell announces the pick. That always gets annoying, but luckily for me, I did not have to endure that for the Ravens’ pick. The suspense was manually created with the trade that did not go through (thanks a lot Jerry Angelo you #&%@$!). (continue reading…)

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It wasn’t to be for South

by on Mar.10, 2011, under Prep Basketball, Prep Sports, Uncategorized

This is why they play the game. Records don’t mean didly you-know-what.
Heading into South Hagerstown’s 3A Maryland state semifinal, yoou loook at the Rebels’ 21-3 record vs. Centennials 16-8. A mismatch made in heaven heh? I even ran into some fellas from the Baltimore area before the game that are rather familiar with the competition.
One went so far to say ‘Centennial wasn’t even the fourth best team in the area.’
The Eagles were just a tad shorter than the Rebels, but senior Andre Pierre suggested after the game that Centennial might have been the quickest team the Rebels played all year.
The Rebels were in a state of flux in the second quarter after Centennial went on a 12-0 run to take a 24-12 lead. Honestly, it didn’t look good at that point.
But the Rebels dug in, especially in the the third quarter and began to re-establish some offensive continuity and got back in the battle, taking a lead deep into the fourth quarter.
A 3-pointer hurt, and when the Rebels had two opportunities to seize the lead with 5 seconds remaining, it just wasn’t to be. Press row is at the end of the floor which South Hagerstown was playing toward, so you got a great look at the finishing plays.
You just couldn’t believe the rebound putback effort by Sean Prather didn’t go do through th net. It rumbled around every part of the inside and came out.
However, it ended with a loss and while the season is over, it’s one to look back on with satisifaction.

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The picture says it all

by on Feb.11, 2011, under Uncategorized

There still has been talk about the finish of Tuesday’s North-South basketball game when Andre Pierre’s tipin was ruled no good. As the picture shows, the ball was still in Pierre’s hands when the clock struck 0:00

Click here to see the picture.

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